Summertime Jazz

Hello friends!  As you might have noticed, I was a little MIA last week.  No real reason other than that we were busy.  It was all really fun stuff – a company cookout and Drillers baseball game with Tripp’s coworkers and Jersey Boys on Thursday – but it was one of those weeks that we sorta met ourselves coming and going. 


Seems like that’s we roll during the summer.  It just takes me a little bit to get into the rhythm.

Summer is to Jazz as Winter is to a WaltzSmile 

Terrible metaphors aside, that’s why I was so grateful for a quiet weekend at home.  I got to spend some quality time with my backyard and did a whole lot of coffee drinking, green bean picking, and wine sipping.

coffeegreen beanspoolside

Reason #78 why I love Instagram!

Hopefully this week I’ll get back in the groove.  And all that jazz. Winking smile

Peace, Kelly

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