gone fishing


well so here we are, nearly the end of july.  and as usual…summer is flying by at the speed of life.  and it is for that reason that i am going to take a little time away. i want to soak up these last few weeks of having my girl home.  savor it.  really plug into my life and unplug from the computer.

see you soon. 

love, kelly

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texture tuesday ~ simple things

it really is the simplest things…

i love this adorable little milk jug that i got while shopping with my mom a while back.


for five bucks i got a cute container for my geraniums.  and as an added bonus…a lovely reminder of lovely day spent with my mom.

happy tuesday my friends.

love, kelly


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watermelon or cantaloupe?

i have a very important topic to discuss with you.


well let me back up a little.

the other night, kelsey was sitting in the kitchen with me while i was peeling the last of my porter peaches and getting them into freezer bags.

because porter peach cobbler in september = awesome.

anyway, kelsey and i got into a very deep conversation regarding which exactly was our favorite fruit.


we felt need to employ a little bit of scientific method.  to make sure we were comparing apples to apples.  or cantaloupes.  or something like that.

and so to that end we decided that our criteria would be comparing the very best specimen of any given fruit during it’s typical peak season and ripeness. so summer melons, new crop apples in october, july peaches, april strawberries. 

we might have even experimented a bit of a dichotomous key.  but i won’t bore you to tears with that.


it was a lengthy conversation.  and it required several iterations.  but in case you’re curious, here is kelsey’s list of her top five favorite fruits in order of least favorite to most favorite.

  • honeycrisp apples
  • strawberries
  • peaches
  • cantaloupe
  • watermelon

well so she and i has so much fun with our little exercise that i posed this same question to my parents when we went over to their house to eat dinner last night.  i gave my mom the same basic run-down – fresh, in season, etc.  here’s her list.

  • pears
  • pineapple
  • watermelon
  • cantaloupe
  • peaches

and then i posed the question to my dad.


he thought long and hard.  because he ‘doesn’t do fruit’.  except in pie or cobbler.  so we allowed him some creative license with his list.  which is as follows.

  • peach cobbler
  • blackberry cobbler
  • apple pie.

nice one daddy.  Winking smile


so now it’s your turn…watermelon or cantaloupe?

or pie?

inquiring minds need to know. Smile


oh and ps…

my list goes – apples, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches

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celebrating summer ~ summer peach frizzante

you guys.

it’s been well documented here on my blog how much i love peaches.  and by now i think you know my affection for gin.  so last week as i peeling peaches to freeze, i thought to myself, “i wonder if a cocktail with peaches and gin would be good.”

the answer is yes.


here is what you’ll need if you want to experience this delightfully wonderful summer cocktail for yourself.

summer peach frizzante

  • peach-rosemary simple syrup (see below)
  • peach juice
  • gin
  • fresh lime juice
  • sparkling wine of your choice (preferably a rosé prosecco or cava ~ cava is the spanish equivalent of prosecco)

for the simple syrup, combine 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water in a medium sauce pan and bring to a boil.  continue to boil for a couple of minutes.  then remove from heat and add the peels and pits from four peaches and a small spring of rosemary.  let steep for 30 minutes or so.  cool completely and refrigerate overnight.


i know, i know…it’s the herbs again.  but i promise you, it’s so subtle.  and it gives the cocktail the tiniest bit of woodsy freshness at the end.  and i mean just look at this color!


so to make this lovely libation, to a cocktail shaker add ice, 1/2 cup of peach juice, 2-3 tablespoons of gin, 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice, and 1 tablespoon of the peach-rosemary simple syrup.


then prepare a martini glass by running a cut lime around the rim and then dipping in sugar.


shake the cocktail vigorously and then pour into your prepared glass.  to finish your cocktail, top it off with a generous splash of prosecco or cava and a twist of lime.

then stand back and take just a moment to appreciate the blush/peach color of this drink.


if you love peaches, you will love this cocktail.  it’s very slightly sweet and subtly floral.  and the bubbles.  oh my gosh.  it’s a winner.

so cheers to summer my friends.  enjoy!!


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photo finish friday ~ dramatic black and white

hello my friends and happy friday!

today i thought i would share with you how i edited this photo that i took of my daughter last night.


we were in the kitchen and i loved the way the light was shining on her face.  and how it created such pretty rim light on her profile.

i thought that a dramatic black and white edit might be a fun way to process this shot – really emphasize the light and remove the distraction from all of the color of the kitchen.

before and after high contrast b&w

here is a start-to-finish tutorial on my editing process.

sidenote:  between my dogs barking, the neighbor’s lawn service, my cat in her litter box, and a slew of other technical issues, i had to restart this video about five different times.  i really had to work for this one. Winking smile

anyway, like i said in the video, black and white isn’t a go-to processing choice for me.  but i really love how this shot turned out.


so with that i’m going to sign off. i hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

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