thank you april

this is what i cling to in the winter.  so for the flowers.  for the colors.  the shapes.  the light and the joy.

thank you april

thank you april.

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the rest is still unwritten


i love this song so much.

i was so inspired by a recent photography prompt, that i decided to make a little word art/typography/calligraphy project of part of the lyrics.


this time of year, with graduation only a few weeks away, i’ve see a lot of inspirational/motivational quotes going around.  most of them are about embracing the future and living your dreams.  but i might also like to assert here that pursuing a dream isn’t something reserved for young adults.  that fresh starts and second chances are gifts that each of has – no matter what age bracket we find ourselves in.

the good news is that it is never too late.  there are no rules and everyday starts with a blank page.  a rich, meaningful life is available for each of us…even middle-aged, empty-nesting mommas.

i ended up printing out and taping this little piece to the front of a new notebook and i wondered if these lyrics might speak to you too.  if so, feel free to download it here (personal use only please).

today i would like to encourage you to think about what makes you come alive inside. think about what chapters you would like to read in your story.  then set out about writing it down.  get messy…color outside the lines…whatever.  just start.

i believe that our Heavenly Father has planted {A}rt in each of our souls, and it is our life’s purpose and our greatest joy to discover it.

so start today.

love, kelly


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and in the morning…i’m making waffles


i was also caught in the act by my delightful daughter…bed head, man hands, and camera face included.


happy monday friends.  hope you’re weekend was awesome.  xoxo

love, kelly


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the art in my garden

it’s the end of april so that can only mean one thing…


…that i’ve taken approximately 1,467 pictures of my iris and salvia.

one of my favorite things to do is go back and look at some of my old photos.  so this morning i thought it would be fun to go back through the years and see them all….see how my photography has evolved.

April 2011


April 2012

2012 03 31_4088web2012-04-16_4430web

April 2013

IMG_4974_blog IMG_5164_blog

April 2014

IMG_2043_blog IMG_2274_blog

April 2015

April 20, 2015April 18, 2015

from an objective standpoint, i think my more recent shots are sharper and better composed.  plus i think the use of light adds a certain magic to them. and finally, thanks to improved post-processing skills, i think my photos have a bit more polish.

i can see my photographic development in these photos…for me they are sort of a benchmark of where i started out.  and it gives me great pleasure to see how far i’ve come.

but my iris and salvia also speak to something much more profound in my life….my spiritual development.

april 2011 was a turning point for me.  kelsey was weeks away from graduating from highschool.  the beauty and color and in my garden was a welcome relief from many dark days prior.  but it was this little epiphany that finally set me free from the nagging fear that best years of my life were coming to a close.

When I thought about it a little more, neither the Iris nor the Salvia really tries to do anything to fulfill their purpose. Just being an Iris or a Salvia is quite enough – expressing their essential Iris-ness and Salvia-ness is their purpose and God uses each one according their particular design and unique qualities.

I may or may not ever truly discover what my purpose is on this earth. But I think I am done with trying to do things to have purpose. Because the truth is that worrying about whether or not I’m doing enough to fulfill my purpose is just wearing me out. So instead, I have humbly offered my gifts and talents to God (gifts that I received from Him in the first place) to use as He sees fits. And from now on I am going to concentrate on just being. Expressing my essential Kelly-ness in all its tenderhearted, messy, hormonal, sentimental, womperjawed glory.

April 19, 2011

on april 19, 2011 i made my first step towards discovering my {A}rt.

two weeks from today my daughter will graduate from college.  and this journey  – well it has not always been pretty…this blog bears witness to it.  but i am here today as living proof of hope and God’s faithfulness.

April 19, 2015

there is {A}rt in my garden.  thank you from the very bottom of my heart for letting me share it with you.

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around here


around here, april is giving october a run for its money as prettiest month of the year.

IMG_5220_blog IMG_5276_blog IMG_5279_blog IMG_5369_blog

around here, i am pretending to be upset with tripp for accidentally cutting off this piece of my wisteria vine…when actually my first thought was that it would make a perfect still life photo.


around here, i have taken “perfect dandelion shot” off my photography bucket list.

IMG_5291_blog IMG_5316_blog

around here, we are staying spending time in the backyard.  we are staying outside until dark.  soaking up every blessed moment of the sweet golden-hour light.


around here, we are all happy to have kelsey-girl home for a weekend visit…including sweet little miss anabelle.  our friends jen and gavin are like tripp and me with a sweet girl that lights up their life.

IMG_5401_blog IMG_5404_blog

{{anabelle laying her head on kelsey’s shoulder…oh my heart…just. stop.}}

around here i’m making plans for the weekend.  maybe a trip to the garden center. hopefully more time with friends and family. definitely feeling grateful for all of it.

thank you for letting me share it with you.

love, kelly

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