while i was away

while i was away i took the opportunity to spend some much needed one on one quality time with tripp.

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a weekend at the lake just the two of us, a couple of date night, time together at home…this has been a very big part of helping me to reconnect in my life.

same goes for my delightful daughter.


while i was away i had the opportunity to spend the weekend with my girl, just the two of us.  i had the best time…we went to all the restaurants tripp hates.  we crafted our hearts out making these adorable heidi swapp marque letters.

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gold glitter for the win! but in the spirit of full disclosure, these we much more time consuming than either of us anticipated.

while i was away, i enjoyed spending time with my family and friends.  laughter truly is the best medicine.

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while i was away i continued to obsess over white kitchens.

white kitchen

one of the factors going into this decision has always been whether we’re going to stay in this house long term.  painting the kitchen falls under the umbrella of decisions that we’ve told ourselves, “let’s wait until after kelsey graduates and gets settled…then we’ll decide…” and so now here we are and i think i’m about to pull the trigger…

>>>insert deep breath here<<<

while i was away, i took lots of golden hour walks.

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late summer light = magic.

while i was away, we had a little visitor.

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it’s been a long time since we’ve had hummingbirds in our backyard.  i think this little guy must have been passing through because i haven’t seen him in a week or so.  but for those four days watching him at the feeder was just so much fun.  during that time i was also  super productive.

>>insert sarcasm here<<

while i was away, i participated in ali edwards’ week in the life project.

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i attempted to do it last fall but got i busy and lost steam.  my blog break was a perfect opportunity to reconnect with everyday life.  so for an entire week i followed tripp around like paparazzi.  which he loved <<not.  i’m just about finished with my album and hope to share a little more about it later this week.  but without a doubt, this project has helped me reconnect with our life in such a meaningful way…it was a piece of the puzzle i had been missing.

while i was away, i remembered what it means to pay attention.

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my time away it reaffirmed by belief that beauty and joy live side by side with heartache and frustration.  but there is wonder and magic to be found in my very ordinary and very imperfect life. it just requires that i pay attention and be present.

while i was away, i thought long and hard about my blog.


wondering if i had anything really left to say and if so, was this the place to share it.  and after a half-dozen or so long-winded instagram posts…well it appears that i do still have the desire {the need} to express myself.  and i am reminded of how cathartic it is to do so.

as always, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for letting me share it with you.

love, kelly




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thank you august

August 23, 2015-9

there’s so much i’d like to share with you.  but for today, i just wanted to touch base and say hi.  i hope that you have a lovely august.  for me, this little blog break was about the best thing i could have done for my physical mind and body.  but also for my creative spirit.

and so for peaches and watermelons and cantaloupes.  for morning light and summer flowers.  for trips to the farmers market and friday night fro-yo.  for new cocktails and gold glitter.  for snail mail.  for sleep.  for rest and connection.  for late summer rain and golden hour walks.  for all of those things and dozens of other little things that have touched my heart.

thank you august.

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around here

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around here, i am in utter disbelief that today is the last day of july.  the news, tv commercials, my instagram feed…they’re all talking about back-to-school which seems impossible.

around here, it feels a bit strange that my girl and i aren’t planning a back-to-school supply shopping trip.  although we’ve talked about going anyway.  just because you can never have too many notebooks and new pens.

around here i am IMMENSELY enjoying having a housekeeper again.  coming home to a clean house = awesome.

around here i love watching the morning sun come through my east french doors.

around here i am eating porter peaches with reckless abandon.  i recently made this humble pie recipe and it is everything i love about pie and cobbler rolled into one.  super easy!

around here, with nothing else to really watch on tv, i have become obsessed with public television’s create channel.

around here i am also completely obsessed with this white kitchen in this month’s southern living magazine.  trying to wrap my head around exactly how hard it would be to paint both my walls and cabinets.

around here i have been bitten by the insomnia bug. maybe it’s dreaming about white kitchens or maybe it’s just middle-aged hormone issues.  at any rate, i asked the google about it and am now the proud owner of two $20 bottles of whole foods supplements that don’t do shit.

around here i am a joy to live with. #sarcasm

around here i am looking forward to a quiet weekend with the hubs.  maybe dipping my toe back into my woefully neglected project life album.

around here i do in fact realize that i have been a hit or miss blogger of late.  and a big part of that is due to the fact that i’m trying to reduce my non-work-related screen time.  i want to connect with my real life, my home, and my family.  i want to soak up the golden hours of summer.  sit by the pool with my hubby.  give my brain some time off.  make some deposits in my temporal savings account.

around here i am always grateful for this little space.  this tiny corner of the interwebs.  but after almost five years of non-stop blogging, i am going to take a little break…around the web it’s sort of unofficially known as the ‘august break’.  and so for the next month i am going to continue giving myself the gift of whitespace.  regroup and recharge.  take some time to reflect on my vision for this space.  who knows…maybe i’ll paint my kitchen.

at any rate, as always, i am so so thankful to you for letting me share my life with you. wishing you a month that is full of joy, peace, and beauty.

love, kelly

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photo & seashell mobile craft project

it’s always the same question whenever i get back home from the beach….


what am i going to do with all these seashells that i collected?

today i’m over at focusing on life sharing a fun and easy DIY craft project for displaying these delightful little treasures…


it’s like a hanging scrapbook! and i just love it.


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around here

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around here we are drying out after having received over five inches of rain this week.

around here my hair has never looked better.  #sarcasm

around here my sweet pumpkin is feeling much more like herself after having a minor surgical procedure.

around here i am on my third (yes third) lenscap for my tamron 24-70 lens…this time though i also bought a fancy lenscap holder that attaches to my camera strap.  in my mind i keep hearing jeff foxworthy saying, “if you’ve lost a lenscap while traipsing through grass trying to take pictures of your daughter on a riding lawnmower, you might be a photographer.” #photoghumor

around here i am relieved and overjoyed to have a house-cleaning service again.  i work more hours now and the weekends have been busy…so it feels good to take this one big thing of my to-do list.

around here i am once again reminded that i don’t truly appreciate the mental benefits of running until i stop running.  fog-lifter, mood-booster…for me running is a total life-enhancer.

around here i am grateful for my friend laura who led me to this quote via the talented artist ruth simons

cease endlessly striving for what you would like to do and learn to love what must be done. goethe

thanks to these inspired words, i manage to finally rid myself of the EPIC pity-party i had been throwing myself about my never-ending to-do list and lack of time for my creative life.  instead of railing against the laundry and the weeds and the trips to the grocery store, i am remembering who i am and what i love…which is a wife and mother.  remembering my {A}rt and putting first things first.

around here i am determined not to let one more ungrateful day pass this summer. around here i will find a way to embrace the mess and the chaos.  make peace with the imperfection.  because i know from personal experience…that’s where grace lives.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

love, kelly

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