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around here, the stifling summer heat has set in. my perennials are starting to wilt and droop…sort of like my hair.

around here, the neighborhood bunnies have chewed my petunias to the nubs and are now resigned to a steady diet of bermuda grass.  but since i don’t put either of those things in a cobbler, pie, or on my ice cream, i am totally fine with it.  plus bunnies are cuter than squirrels.

around here, we have just finished our first week of hello fresh meals.  my friend becky, who has been subscribing to it for a few weeks, gifted us with a trial week.  we got the delivery on tuesday and inside the box was every thing needed to make three meals for two people.  this week’s menu was a summer pork schnitzel, spicy beef tenderloin kabobs, and a chicken panzanella salad.  it really did come with everything you need to make the dish – meat, vegetables, spices (can we please talk about how cute that baby balsamic vinegar bottle is!!).  all i had to have on hand was basics like olive oil, salt, pepper, etc.

anyway, it was two big thumbs up for the pork and beef dishes.  the salad….meh…tripp wasn’t really a fan as it had a strong mint flavor.  but if we decide to continue, you can see what’s on the menu for the week and make a different selection.

around here, golden hour walkabouts are my evening ritual.  last night i made a new friend…i’m calling him rocco….i have no idea if that’s his name.  i found him down the street towards the walking trail – he was up in a tree crying.  and panting.  which if you know anything about cats, they don’t really pant.  so i knew he’d been up there for a while.  and it was really hot yesterday.

well obviously, i couldn’t just leave him up there so i hustled back home as fast as i could in my flip-flops and immediately went downstairs to the basement where tripp watching tv.  i begged him to get the big ladder and go down to the trail to rescue ‘rocco’ from the tree.  and of course, because my husband saw my distress and because he loves me so much, he loaded the ladder in the truck and drove down to the end of the street.

when we got down there, rocco had got himself down.  i walked around the empty lot to see if i could find him.  and when i called ‘here kitty kitty’, rocco came running.  still panting, but he looked ok.  and then he rubbed his head on my legs.  and then my heart grew about two sizes larger.

around here, this is the time of year when i usually take a little break from my blog.  it’s and opportunity to create some space in my head and my heart.  to connect to my offline life in a very real way.  to refresh and recharge.  my hope is that you are finding opportunities to do the same.

around here, and i know i say it all the time, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share my life with you.

love, kelly

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project life…a mid-year review

project life 2016

one my goals for the year has been a renewed commitment to memory keeping…especially my 2016 project life album.  it wasn’t really a ‘resolution’ to be a better scrapbooker…but rather, memory keeping for me goes hand in hand with living mindfully and intentionally.  staying connected – head, hands, heart.  that where i want to live this year.  and memory keeping helps me to do that.

so here we are near the end of july – how is that even possible!!!!??? – and my album is current through the end of june.  i’ve never stayed this “caught up” in an album before and it feels like a big accomplishment.

project life 2016

one that i am really proud of it.

my project life pages are filled with the same basic photos and stories that i share on my blog (reason #1,482 why i love blogging).

project life 2016

some pages come together easier than others….i love it when the colors and tones in my photos and cards sort of coordinate.  but i will tell you that my ‘success’ with project life this year – for the record, i am defining success as telling the story of my life in words and photos AND enjoying the process of putting it in the album – is 100% due to just getting pictures in the pockets.

project lifeproject life 2016

and for me there is just nothing better than seeing my photos printed out.  seeing all of our memories here, tangible.

project life 2016

with regards to memory keeping, one of my biggest stumbling blocks last year was trying to tell the same kinds family stories, when my family’s dynamic was fundamentally different.  a scrapbook about my life when the biggest part of my life doesn’t live in the same house??  how do you do that??

the truth was that last year i was resisting the new story of our life.  and so this year, i decided i would start telling new stories.

i started out the year by including at least one picture of kelsey each week and maybe a little snippet about what is going on with her.  that was going to be my way of sort of bridging the gap i felt about it.  but as the year has gone on,  there are weeks with no pictures of my girl.  and i am letting the gaps be.

project life 2016

i am sort of ok with the gaps.  well, no…i am getting better at accepting the gaps.

scrapbook therapy.  reason #4,869 why i love memory keeping.

i’m getting ready to start a new album for the second half of the year.  and i’m just so super grateful for this project and the life and memories contained in it.

thank you, as always, for letting me share it with you.

love, kelly

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changing the world one flower at a time

they say money can’t buy happiness.

farmers market flowers

but i would have to disagree.

last week was crazy…between the freak thunderstorm and the battery in my car deciding to quit while i was out trying to bust out my to-do list, i was pretty well frazzled.  so on saturday morning, i walked up to the farmers market.  and i went straight for the flowers.

farmers market flowers

it was the best twenty bucks i’ve spent in a long, long time.

farmers market flowersfarmers market flowersfarmers market flowersfarmers market flowersfarmers market flowers

with one, large bunch of flowers i made four smaller arrangements.  and i have strategically placed them throughout the house – all the rooms where i hang out the most – to remind me of the beauty and goodness of this world.  even when news says otherwise.

for the record, i am not pretending that a mason jar full of flowers can change the world…

…but it can change me.

gandhi said, ‘you must be the change you want to see in the world’.  change starts with me.  peace starts with me.  light starts with me.  love starts with me.

and you.

so let’s be the change.  today…monday.  let’s start at home with light and happiness and peace.  then let’s go spread it around to this world that desperately needs it.

peace, kelly

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a stormy day in july

hello sunshinestormy skystorm watchingcleaning upcleaning upafter the storm

yesterday started out so beautifully.  but all that changed when a massive thunderstorm rolled through green country.  a brief tornado threat followed by damaging winds and torrential rains.

sidenote #1::you know you’re an okie when you hear the tornado sirens blaring and the first thing you do is go look out the window.  bonus points if you take a picture too.

sidenote #2::taking shelter in a 100 year old office building is super fun! {{said no one ever}}

there were downed power lines and snapped trees all over town.  we didn’t get power on until around 8:00 p.m.

sidenote #3::i don’t presume to have many male blog readers except perhaps my husband and a few family members.  so if you are male and reading this, consider the pictures of the big-tree-limb-picker-upper truck as a gift for you.  #you’rewelcome

but all is well that ends well, right?

yesterday ended just at it had started with beautiful light and my grateful heart.

peace, kelly

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vacation memories revisited

vacation photo album

we are in the planning stages of a vacation.  and while tripp is checking on rentals and flights, i’m doing the important work of going back through old vacation scrapbooks.

i know…it’s a tough job.

i’m totally getting into vacation mode, and today, at focusing on life, i’m sharing some tips for capturing the moments and preserving these treasured vacation memories.

now…where is that sunscreen…..

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