home for the holidays

home for the holidays…it can mean different things to different people.  i’m sharing what it means to me over at focusing on life today and would love to have you visit me there.


whatever home means to you, my hope is that you have it in abundance this christmas.

love, kelly


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for the love of christmas lights

last friday, after dinner, we took the long way home to look at christmas lights.


i love christmas lights so much.


the color, the whimsy.


it’s like these teeny glowing orbs inspire a child-like wonder in us all.


a little bit of cheer and a whole lot of joy.


i am reminded of this today in the midst of a world gone crazy.  how we can do this too though…we can let our light shine for others.  bring about cheer and joy in a dark world.  so please.  please.  let your light shine.

love, kelly




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around here.

around here, my my girl is sound asleep upstairs in her bedroom.  my dogs are lying on the floor beside my chair.  my cat is under the christmas tree drinking water from the tree stand.  and i am working on my third cup of coffee.  all is right in my world.

around here, i am feeling uber-grateful for my girlfriends who came over on tuesday.  i hosted my annual bunco party and it was so much fun.  i just love these gals…such a fun and festive way to spend time together during the holidays.


around here, i am appreciating the routines in life.  the everyday stuff that keeps me grounded in what can be a crazy/overwhelming time of year.


around here, i am craving sunlight.  it’s been so dreary these past couple of weeks.  so anytime the sun comes out, i have to stop for a minute and soak it up.


around here, my girl is home for the holidays.  it has been an insanely busy semester for her…school, work, internship.  an obscene number of papers to write.  but she has managed it all with an incredible amount of perseverance and grace.  and it is just so, so good to have my little family together.


around here, my heart is full…feeling so blessed.

thank you thursday.

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wishing the same for you my dear friends.

love, kelly

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christmas card display garland

one of my very favorite things about the holidays is receiving christmas cards in the mail. and night while browsing through pinterest (i know…don’t say it) i stumbled across this adorable christmas card display.

pinterest capture

so cute right.  and i thought to myself, “oh man…i wish i had a couple of old windows like that.”  and then realized, wait…i live in a 100 year-old house.  i already have old windows. which then gave me the idea to string a christmas card display garland across the french doors in my kitchen.

christmas card display garland

seriously you guys, this was so easy…took like maybe 30 minutes tops.


to start with i punched out some kraft cardstock and then used some of my calligraphy supples to letter the phrase ‘seasons greetings’.  you could totally just use a sharpie to write your own letters.  or you could use some letter stickers or print this out on the computer.  the idea is to keep it simple! :)


next i strung two strands of twine across the width of the both doors.  i made a loop on both ends and hung them from white command hooks.  next i punched a hole in the top of my letters and tied it to the twine with some colored raffia-type ribbon.


some cute plaid christmas ribbon would have been adorable but i couldn’t find any at home, and i was not about to make a trip to hobby lobby with my dirty hair and baggy sweatpants.  ;)

to attach the cards, i used some of the mini-clothes pins from my diy framed picture hanger and attached my christmas cards to the twine.  and as a finishing touch i added a couple of bows at each end to cover up the command hooks.

christmas card display garland

i just love the way it turned out.  and it makes me so happy everyday to see all the pictures and cards from friends and family.


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christmas candy


i’m not sure which one made me happier yesterday.  a bowl full of holiday m&m’s.  or that the sun finally came out and made pretty light for a photo.  either way…i call that a win-win.

wishing you all wonderfully sweet christmas memories.

love, kelly


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