because it never gets old

spring has sprung in my neck of the woods and i could not be happier.  i’m sharing it with my friends at focusing on life and would be delighted to have you join me there.


no matter how many photos i take, the beauty of spring is that it never, ever gets old.


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while she was home

while she was home, we went out to lunch.

March 21, 2015-2

while she was home, we made a few trips to starbucks.

March 21, 2015-10

while she was home, we had a little photo shoot at the arboretum.

March 21, 2015-9

while she was home, we talked about the future.

March 21, 2015-11

while she was home, she shared her fears.

March 21, 2015-13

while she was home, tripp and i reassured her that everything would be ok.

March 21, 2015-14

while she was home, i loved getting to see her smile and the light in her eyes.

March 21, 2015-17

while she was home, i was reminded of how grateful i am to be her mom.

peace, kelly

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welcome spring

welcome springIMG_3614_blog IMG_3615_blog IMG_3618_blog IMG_3620_blog IMG_3622_blog IMG_3623_blog IMG_3631_blog IMG_3635_blogevery spring is the only spring — a perpetual astonishment. ~ellis peters

happy first day of spring everyone!

love, kelly


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vintage treasures

well so my girl got to come home yesterday for the long weekend.  and we did what we usually do – which is grab a bite for lunch and stop by starbucks.  it’s sort of our thing.  and after we finished lunch and running our errands, i asked her if she’d be up to visiting some of the quirky “antique” shops nearby.  to which she graciously agreed.

there wasn’t anything specific on my list except perhaps a funky (i.e. wooden, rustic, peeling paint, etc.) tabletop for use in my photography.  and so we walked through the little shops looking at tchotchkes  and trying on old hats.

i didn’t find any good tables, but i did find a pair of those vintage-looking bonsai shears. complete with a cute little crate and five balls of twine.  and as a bonus i found a really cool old spindle and some great vintage botanical illustrations.

oh be still my heart. cannot wait to put this to use!!

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of course i couldn’t wait to get home to take their picture.

IMG_3600_blog IMG_3604_blog IMG_3608_blog IMG_3609_blogIMG_3599_blog

but the find of the day went to my girl who happens to love hippos and stumbled across this adorable t-shirt.


i love all my new treasures and i can’t wait to start incorporating them into my photos.  but my favorite part of the day was some much needed downtime, hanging out with my girl.

lunch check. starbucks check. now it feels like spring break. @kelseyish is a sight for sore eyes. 😃

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happy friday my friends!

love, kelly


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going green.

March 01, 2015 March 02, 2015 March 03, 2015 March 04, 2015 March 05, 2015-3 March 06, 2015 March 07, 2015 March 08, 2015 March 09, 2015 March 10, 2015 March 11, 2015 March 12, 2015 March 13, 2015-5 March 14, 2015 March 15, 2015 March 16, 2015going green my friends.

i’m shaking up my photo 365 this year, and each month i am choosing a theme to focus on. january was mornings.  february was my winter garden.  and so for march i thought what better theme than green.

green is one of my favorite colors and of course with spring nearly upon us, every day it seems like there is new life sprouting up all over my garden.  it seemed like natural fit.

so for this st. patrick’s day, a feast day which is often involves celebrating with all things green, i am doing my part to add to the festivities.  March 16, 2015-2blessings,



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