november 25

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november 25th.  christmas is one month away.

i’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

christmas is one month away.

seems fitting that we went to get our christmas tree today.  it’s a little earlier than usual, but my girl has a pretty intense schedule this year.  today was really the only day we could do it all together.  and that is sort of the point – doing it together.  that’s what makes it special to me.

i’m going to sign off here for a few days while my girl is home.  soak up this time together as much possible.

wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving holiday.

all my love, kelly



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november 24

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ten insanely awesome things about today


  1. morning coffee that was ready when i got out of bed.  thank you auto-timer.
  2. the way the morning sun spilled into my kitchen.
  3. seeing the guy out of the corner of my eye before he ran the red light at my intersection.
  4. the sweet smile from the girl at the deli counter.
  5. a kick-ass directional well profile at work
  6. pansies that i thought were long gone, perking up after a few warm days.
  7. my girl’s car in the driveway when i got home.
  8. starbucks and a walk through the Gap after dinner.
  9. tripp making his connection at DFW.
  10. listening to my girl sing along to taylor swift

there are a million blessings every day just waiting to be noticed.  so grateful for all of them today.

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november 23

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today was the route 66 marathon…for the past several years, the route has gone right by my house.  this morning, tripp started his timer right at 8:00 a.m. – when the gun shot starting the race went off.  and approximately 6.5 minutes later, the first runner came through.

it is such a thrill every year to experience this great event.  thousands of runners from all over the world participate.  it’s a qualifying race for the boston marathon so it has a bit of prestige associated with it as well.

as a runner, watching these dedicated athletes is such an inspiration.  and although i’ve never run a marathon, i ran the tulsa run about ten years ago – 9.3 miles – so i know a little bit about the dedication and sacrifice it takes to accomplish a feat such as this.

it’s true what they say about long distance running…it’s 30% physical and 70% mental.  you win the battle in your head first.  getting out there in the heat and the cold.  when you’re sore and tired and would rather be a million other places than out there hitting the pavement.

it’s the same thing whether you are training for a race or learning to paint or practicing photography.  some days it feels like you’ve got wings on your feet…other days feel more like cinder blocks.  but it’s about having a showing up every day.  brushing yourself off when you fall on your face – literally and/or figuratively.  because the feeling of accomplishment is so. totally. worth. it.

i’m so thankful for the gift of running in my life.  but mostly, today i’m just grateful for being in the presence of this kind of tenacity and perseverance.

love, kelly

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november 22

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last night tripp and i went out to dinner.  we were on our way to get to fro-yo, but because we were still so full from the chips and guac, neither of us were too interested in stopping. that’s when tripp turned to me and said, “what would you think about running to the mall so i can get some underwear?”

there are two things i would like to say about this…

  1. tripp has lost so much weight that he needs new underwear.  {i know…probably too much information}
  2. my friends, we live large.  try not to be jealous.

anyway, so on the way to the mall, tripp asks me if there was anything else we needed to get.  because we go to the mall so rarely seeing as how it is past 31st and yale.  and for my friends here in tulsa, you know how we midtown people can be…practically have to pack a lunch and make it an all day field trip to go to south tulsa.

my attempts to convince tripp of my need of a new pair of boots and a quilted jacket fell on deaf ears in case you were curious.  

so we get to the mall and since we parked upstairs we had to go through the home department.  which reminded tripp the he ‘needed’ a new pillow.  don’t ask me how this is more important than $300 boots, but whatever.  but while he was holding and squishing and testing out all the different kinds of foam core pillows, i was over looking through the bedding clearance rack.  and to my utter delight i found two matching pillow shams, a bedskirt, two small decorative throw pillows, and a plush blanket – all for half off.

i know that this might not sound all that exciting, but since we’ve been living in this house our bedroom has been a total hodgepodge of twenty year-old furniture, a handmedown iron headboard from my parents, and an ancient green chair that we got after we first got married.

you might recall that we painted and had the floors redone…TWO YEARS AGO. but honestly, it seems like our master bedroom has (pardon the expression) sucked hind tit for the past nine years.   this is why i was ridiculously excited to find this bedding.  and after giving tripp the same spiel that i just shared with you, he agreed that it was time to spruce things up a bit.  and thankfully these few pieces also met tripp’s requirements:

  • not to girly
  • not to colorful
  • not too plain
  • not too scratchy
  • not too hot
  • not too heavy

anyway, today i got everything washed and put on the bed.  and it looks so pretty.  i love it so much.

also, in case you were curious, tripp decided that he preferred the ‘no-flat’ polyfill pillow the best.

and i swear, it’s just the simple kinds of things that make me so happy. wishing you a weekend of simple pleasures as well.

love, kelly



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november 20 and 21

it really doesn’t take much to make me happy.


as i was driving home from work yesterday evening, i saw this persimmon tree in the park near my house.  and my first thought was, oooohhh…i wonder i bet these would make a really cool still life shot.

kim klassen….i blame you.  Winking smile

when i got home, i grabbed the dogs and walked over to the park.  there was one major problem obtaining these peculiar little fruits though…i couldn’t reach the branches. #shortgirlprobs

so i tied up my dogs to the nearby picnic table – in case you’re curious, i thought about trying to move it over closer to the tree but it was bolted down – and found a big stick.  then i used said stick to bring some of the lower limbs closer.  which i could barely reach on my tip toes but whatever.  momma got her persimmons!  #problemsolver

anyway, this morning i spent a delightful half hour not vacuuming my living room and instead, playing around with persimmons.


clearly i have my priorities in order.  but aren’t these the cutest little things?  i just adore their little caps with the curled up edges.  they have such a cool texture (except for the rotten ones on the ground….ewwww….shudder). and the subtle color variations are so very lovely.


this type of persimmon is native here in oklahoma – not the like the big japanese ones you find in the grocery store this time of year.


i think my friend cathy once told me that they are SUPER tart and you’re only supposed to eat them after the first frost.


yeah….don’t even get me started on that.

it’s so neat though.  nature has so many gifts to share…and for this gift of wonder, i am truly grateful. 

hope you have a wonderful friday my friends.  xoxo


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