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around here, i am a certified golden-hour junkie.  late evening strolls through the neighborhood are good for the soul.

around here, while i am doing important things like taking pictures, tripp is doing his best to keep his pretty, fescue lawn green.

around here, i may have gone a little overboard at the berry farm.  my friend ann and i went for a second time (we went last week too) yesterday morning.  in addition to blackberries, we also ventured out into the blueberry picking area.  the important thing to know is that ann has a very strict ‘no-berry-left-behind’ policy.  also, i see lots of blackberry cobbler in my future.

around here, our backyard is once again host to a family of birds.  for the past few weeks we’ve watched as the mom and dad robins took their shifts in the nest that resides in the ash tree in our backyard.  this past week, i actually caught of glimpse of the babies peaking their little heads up when mom or dad came back with food.  i think there were two babies in the nest.  sadly, one of them wound up in the pool skimmer…and oh my lord i thought i was going to die last night watching the momma robin hopping around the patio looking for her baby.  but this morning i am so happy to report that i saw the other baby nestled in some dead leaves in the corner of the patio.  all morning i’ve watched as momma has been prodding and encouraging her little one to get up and about.

{{sidenote #1::i’ve been super productive today.}}

anyway, when i left for my run, baby bird was in the middle of the drive way….

{{sidenote #2::i wish you could have seen tripp backing out so carefully trying to avoid the baby.  oh my heart.}}

…but when i got back it wasn’t there.  which i was happy about because i debated in my head during my entire run if i should try to move baby bird out of the merciless, summer sun.  then i noticed momma bird standing on the fence right by the big drain by the garage.

{{sidenote #3::clearly i am overly invested in this little saga because of my guilt about baby that died in the pool.}}

so you guessed it right?  baby bird was in the drain.  which was dry – thank God!.  so what to do…do i get involved?  the scientist in me knows all too well the harsh ways of nature – survival of the fittest and natural selection and all that jazz.  but the mom in me just could not bear to see that momma suffering watching her baby stuck in the drain.  so, with every ounce of courage i could muster for fear of the creepy-crawlies that lived in the drain, i removed the grate, then reached in and gently picked up baby bird and set it in the monkey grass by the drive way.  all the while with momma bird dive-bombing my head in protest.  then i covered the drain with an empty flowerpot because…ewww.

around here, i am looking forward to a weekend at home.  because clearly i’m going to need to see how things go with the baby bird.  i also am going to look for every blackberry recipe on the interwebs.

i hope all is well with you and yours.

big smoochy hugs, kelly

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hello summer

In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

mindingmynest_hello summer_2016

happy summer my friends.  and to celebrate, below is a little word art for you to enjoy.

hello summer

(for personal use only please.)

wishing you a season of magic, light, freedom, and joy.

love, kelly

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all about the dads

mindingmynest_20160617-2 mindingmynest_20160617mindingmynest_20160617-3 mindingmynest_20160617-5mindingmynest_20160617-4 mindingmynest_20160618-2 mindingmynest_20160618 mindingmynest_20160619

it was all about the dads this weekend….as it should be.

loved getting to spend time with my dad, my brother, and my husband.  loved seeing my parents dance to unchained melody on my back porch. loved watching my dad blow out the candles on his birthday cake.  loved being out on the lake saturday.

life is good.  so, so grateful.

love, kelly

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his story

001_blog.jpg002-copy-2_blog.jpg002-copy-3_blog.jpgmindingmynest_06172016_04mindingmynest_06172016_03006_blog.jpg   mindingmynest_06172016_05DC-260-78F4901938.jpgdaddy-mike-and-me-web.jpgmindingmynest_06172016_06mindingmynest_06172016_01-3mindingmynest_06172016_01me-dad-mikewebmom-and-daddy_posse_christmasIMG_5243-web.jpgIMG_9873-Edit_blog.jpg

something special happens as you get older.  and that is the opportunity to get to know your parents better.  what a gift it is to get to know your parents…not just as ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, but as a whole person.  to learn their stories.  to see their journeys and how it has shaped them.


for the past several years, probably as a result of my own journey in self-discovery, i have enjoyed this very thing.  and today, as we celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday, i wanted to share some of my favorite stories about him.


i am so grateful to have learned so much about my dad – who he is and what has shaped him as a person.  because in the process, i learned so much about myself.

thank you, daddy, for everything.  i love you so much!

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a scent for the soul

FOL_a scent for the soul_003-2

lavender season has once again arrived in my backyard, and each year those two little plants just get bigger and bigger.

my love of lavender has been well documented on my blog and today i am sharing some interesting facts about it with my friends at focusing on life.  just one more reason to love lavender.

happy tuesday friends!

love, kelly

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