this week


this week we saw a mix of snow and sun.

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as you can see…riley, daisy and i took full advantage of the golden hour whenever possible.

this week my street was overrun by a flock of migrating (i’m guessing?) robins.  i think they were attracted to our street by my neighbor’s ginormous holly tree which was covered in bright red berries.


see all those little blobs in the trees??  those are robins.  we have typically have robins all year long, but not this many! it was so cool.


there were literally hundreds of them in my backyard at one point drinking the melting snow from the pits and scores in our back patio.  thankfully (!!) we were spared this mess. apparently robins have better manners than cedar wax wings.


with the exception of the robins, this week was pretty quiet and uneventful.  which for me is always a good thing.  it was nice to have some down time to work on my project life album.

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i bought one of those studio calico project life kits a couple of months ago.  which was a nice change-up to the regular kit i had been using.  but as always, my enjoyment of this hobby is inversely proportional to the amount of time i spend obsessing about embellishments.

i know…fascinating stuff.

anyway in other riveting news, i bought some yellow tulips.


the forecast for the next several days calls for freezing temps and snow.  so i decided to take matters into my own hands.  making my own sunshine right now.


so with that, i think i’ll wrap things up.  i have a load of t-shirts to be folded and floors to swept.

and tulips to enjoy.


happy friday my friends!  hope you are staying warm and cozy!!  love, kelly


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for the love of crafting

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i can clearly recall being maybe six or seven years old, sitting on the floor next to my granny while she was sewing.  seems like she was always making something – nightgowns, dresses, you name it…she could sew it.  and so i would set up shop right there next to here, gather up all of her montgomery-ward catalogs, and pull out all the fabric swatches.  then using a needle and thread, i would sew all of those pinked-edge rectangles together to make blankets for my barbies.

when i was a little older, my mom would take me up to t g & y and buy me remnant fabric that i would then sew into summer shorts and dresses.  i spent many a summer day sitting outside in the garage (where mom kept her kenmore sewing machine) with my pattern taped up to the wall, carefully stitching together inseams and ruffles.  and when i needed to know what a selvage was or how to clip the curves, my mom was just a phone call away…she being one of many in a long-line of skilled seamstresses.

i’m not sure exactly who taught me – granny or my mom – but sewing things together is something i’ve been doing for a long time.  sewing is deeply woven into the fabric of who i am.

these two things were going through my mind this past sunday as i was sitting at my sewing machine… that same kenmore that i used as a kid.  sewing together punched out circles of scrapbook paper to make a paper garland for a photography project.

please…i know…don’t say it.

i was laughing at myself, wondering what my granny would think.  how times have changed and how few people know how to sew.  and even those that do, ahem, using it for such an unorthodox purpose.

anyway, after i got finished making my garland, i played around with several different compositions of a couple of old books, my journal, dried roses, and a teacup.  this still life photoshoot was a delightful way to spend a bitterly cold, snowy afternoon.


i know this is going to sound so goofy…but there is something about this whole process that was so utterly gratifying.  and i think it starts with my little paper garland.  isn’t that so dumb?  for some reason i just love the fact that my photo reflects me in a very unique way.

now don’t get me wrong…even if i didn’t have the bunting and just used the books and the roses – it would still reflect me.  those books that i got junk-store shopping with my mom and the roses i dried from a bouquet that my bff sent after my father-in-law passed away – they both tell a story.  but that little bunting i made.  with my own hands.  yes.  that’s what feels so good.  to make something .  not just to envision or create digitally, but to make.


and now i have this sweet little garland hanging up in my office for the next time.  a reminder of how much i love to make stuff.  and a serious warm fuzzy thinking about my mom and my granny.  maybe to some it’s just another craft project, but for me it’s very much a connection to who i am and where i came from.

really…when i think about it the things i love, the things that bring the most joy…most all of them involve making something by hand.  whether it’s baking cupcakes, chopping vegetables, planting flowers, sewing halloween costumes, making decorations – i crave these kinds of tactile pursuits.  maybe it’s because we live in such a digital, virtual world now or maybe it’s because i spend so much of my day in front of a computer screen.  or just maybe……this is who i am.

maybe this is how God made me.

call it what you want – crafter, maker…to me it is all part of the{A}rt that is my life.  and i hope that by listening to my heart and using these desires and talents that God me, that i can in someway glorify him.

he who works with his hands is a laborer. he who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. he who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. ~ st. francis of assisi


peace, kelly


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texture tuesday::dark and moody

i blame pinterest.


i know…don’t say it.  

this dark and moody look isn’t really my go-to style, but it was fun to sort of push my creative boundaries a bit.  i’m sharing more of the story over at focusing on life if you’re interested.

whether it’s with my art or with my life, getting out of my comfort zone has never been easy.  but it’s always been worth it.

love, kelly



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a snowy sunday

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{not pictured…church, grocery store, laundry}

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looks like winter isn’t going to give up without a fight. how was your weekend?

love, kelly

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why i will never be a real housewife

you guys.

first of all, i would just like to thank you so much for all of your kind words regarding my skillshare class.  it was a labor of love and i am really proud of it.


like i shared last week, the screencast tutorials were fairly easy to do.  but it was that intro video that just about did me in.

so just to give you a little backstory…this would have been about a month ago.  my screencasts were done and had been given the OK by the skillshare education team.  (yay!!)  all that was left was for me to do was film my two minute intro video.  which sounds easy enough right?


since i am off on fridays, that seemed like a perfect day to do my filming.  i had come up with a basic script based on skillshare’s suggested template.  the night before i had cleaned up my office since that’s where i had planned to film my video – you know…. creative space with pretty light…seemed to me a fitting place.  and then that morning, i got ready which included blowdrying my hair, putting on lipgloss,  AND curling my eyelashes.

because nothing says ‘please take my skillshare class’ more than having curled eyelashes naturally.

so anyway, i got my new DSLR camera (which has video recording capabilities) set up on a super ghetto-fabulous “tripod” {stack of books} and get my remote clicker thingy.  then i sat in my chair, cleared my throat, and began to sweat  profusely.  only after approximately 147 times of flubbing my lines and seeing a weird red light on my camera did i realize that my camera was not recording.  and after a half hour of researching the error message on the back did i discover that i didn’t have the right kind of SD card for video.  #awesome  #nowyoutellme

so i thought fine….no prob.  i’m a smart girl.  i can do this. i’ll just use my iphone instead. yes.  that’ll work.  #problemsolver.

so i regrouped, got a drink of water, then went back to my office and set up my iphone.

Snapshot 1 (2-20-2015 10-31 AM)

friends, i’m just going to tell you right now that trying to speak into a camera without sounding or looking like a complete idiot is sooooo way harder than it sounds.  and that is under ideal conditions.

ideal conditions = dogs that don’t bark.

sidenote::did i ever tell you that my neighbor across the street actually called to complain about riley barking once?

so here i am trying desperately to remember my lines and to not blink so much.  and it seemed like just about the time i would find my mojo, riley would start barking.  for those of you unfamiliar with the resonant bark of a basset hound, i’ll just tell you that it is an unmistakable bellow that can carry for miles.  or an upstairs bedroom.

once again, i put my filming on pause to bring the dogs inside.  which turned out to be an even worse idea because it was about the same time that the guy down the street walked by with his german shepherd.  both riley and daisy took turns standing at the front door HOWLING to share with me their immense dislike for this trespass.

so i thought fine, i’ll put them down in the basement.  except that in our 100 year-old house, there is an abandoned laundry shoot right next to my office and so my dogs whining about being put in the basement carried all the way upstairs and into my video.

by this time it was around 11:00 and i was so flustered and frustrated.  so i let the dogs outside again and proceeded to eat half a jar of nutella.  #stresseater

i wish i could tell you that i was finally able to film my intro video that day.  here is a chronological list of reasons why that did not happen:

  • 12:00 p.m. tornado alarm testing
  • 12:30 p.m. sears repair guy here to fix my broken oven
  • 2:30 p.m. pause to recharge my phone
  • 3:30 p.m. phone call from tripp
  • 4:00 p.m. cat takes a ginormous, malodorous shit in her litter box

Snapshot 2 (2-20-2015 10-58 AM)

i could not make this up if i tried.

so tripp gets home around 5:15 and i am a complete, raging bitch.  and as consolation he took me out for dinner where i ate my weight in chips & salsa and drank two giant margaritas.

on saturday i was so scarred from the previous days’ filming disaster (plus i had a major headache from the margaritas) that i decided to take a break from filming.  later on sunday, tripp offered to take the dogs on a walk to get them out of the house.  i locked kitty up in my closet and i decided to just bust it out.  just grit my teeth and get this mother done.

i made a few minor tweaks to my script.  plus i decided to only film myself for a small part of the intro and include a slideshow as a way to show some of my work.  yes.  45 seconds of filming…i can do this.

and i did.  thank you jesus.  using a movie software, i joined my video and my slideshow and uploaded it to my class.  i sent my skillshare rep a note to let him know so he could review it.  and waited for the final go-ahead to publish my class.

monday morning i get an email….

These look great! Couple thoughts below, let me know what you think:

– The audio sounds different once you switch to the example images in the first minute of the introduction video, do you hear that? I’m not too sure what that is. No big deal if you can’t figure it out.

– The part at 1:20 where you say what the class title is and what you’ll learn, I think you could move that further up in the start of video. It’s super clear and tells whoever is watching the video what the class is about right away.

– Great seeing your examples in the Project Assignment tab. You could also post your own project in the Project Gallery as an example for students on how they should upload their work.


the sound problem he describes is because i filmed my video with my iphone, but recorded my slideshow narration on my computer. and it did sound weird.  #ihadhopedhewouldntnotice

back to the drawing board. again.

so monday night, tripp and i went for our usual run and i reworked my script in my head. then later that night i typed it out and went to bed dreaming about it.  tuesday morning i got up and got ready for work early.  with the dogs sounds asleep in the living room i was able to record my video using the recording feature on my laptop so that way it would sound the same as my slideshow narration.

finally after a dozen or so restarts, i was able to get one 45 second video of myself.

Snapshot 3 (2-20-2015 11-25 AM)


we’re not even going to talk about the crappy light, dark circles under my eyes, the giant wrinkle between my eyebrows, or the stress zit on my chin.  and please do not get me started on WTF is wrong with my mouth and the weird way my upper lip isn’t moving.

my friends this shit is not for sissies.  and my one big takeaway from this experience is that i will never be cut out for a career in newscasting.  or reality television.  which really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  but now a few weeks later i can at least laugh about it.  and do you want to know the one thing though that finally helped me to get through it?  i imagined that all of you, my sweet blog friends, were on the other side of that camera.  i pictured sitting in my office telling you about my class.  because you’re the reason i had the courage to do it in the first place.

thank you all again for your encouragement and support.  love, kelly

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