thank you april

mindingmynest_thank you april 2016

what a difference a month makes.

we started the month with one last little lick from winter and now we’re ending the month with more severe storms in the forecast.

that is so spring in oklahoma.

april is the month when spring becomes official.  april is the month when our backyard literally explodes with color.  april is the month when the trees finally leaf out.  april is the month when shade arrives.  april is the month when the light pours through my french doors in the morning.

except for perhaps october, april brings about more change in the landscape than any other month.

i love april.

but growth and change is not just for the garden…april has been a month of a lot of personal growth.  pulling weeds and cleaning out…owning some shit and making peace with some less than beautiful parts of myself.  on my knees…getting my hands dirty…doing what needs to be done and feeling what needs to be felt.

it has been a productive month and it feels good.

thank you april.

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tiny dancers

mindingmynest_04252016-2 mindingmynest_04252016-3 mindingmynest_04252016-5 mindingmynest_04252016-6 mindingmynest_04252016

tiny dancers….that’s all i can think when i look at my columbine flowers.

i’ve shared my loved of columbines before and i am still enamored with their positively enchanting flower shape.  like something from cirque de soleil!

glad to have a weekend at home to enjoy them.

happy monday friends!


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around here

mindingmynest_around here_04222016_001 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_002 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_003 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_004 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_005 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_006 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_007 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_008 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_009 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_010 mindingmynest_around here_04222016_011

around here, we have been enjoying two glorious mornings in a row.  in case you are curious, glorious  = sunny and no wind.  which after five days of rain and clouds is a welcome relief!

around here, everything is so lush and so green. tripp is really proud of his fescue lawn in the backyard.  four-plus inches of rain will do that.

around here, the actual amount of rain is up for debate because tripp’s super fancy outdoor weather station thingy quit working right before the big rain.  we got said weather station for tripp for his birthday this past november and it’s been working great.  it measures temp, humidity, wind speed/direction, and rainfall and comes with not only a LCD display that we have in kitchen – but wait there’s more! i also sprang for the digital thingamabob that connects to the intranets so that tripp can log in from work to see how much rain we got at home. because weather underground wasn’t accurate enough??  (if you’re new around here – the gauging of the rain is a very. big. deal.)  at any rate, tripp installed some new batteries and it seems to be working fine.  but the really big problem now is that it’s not accurately displaying the month-to-date rainfall.  which according to 1) weather underground, 2) the old electronic rain gauge, and 3) the super old-school, analog rain gauge we got a little more than four inches.  so tripp added water to the fancy weather station so that it would reflect this week’s rain.  #helpme

around here, while tripp is obsessed with the rain gauge, i am obsessed with bumblebees.

around here, we are living out the lyrics to a luke bryan country song with cottonwood seeds falling ‘like snow in july’.  tripp and i were running this morning and with the morning sun i swear it was like living in a magical, fairy land. well that is unless you count the road construction barrels everywhere.

dear tulsa…it’s getting really old.

anyway, that’s the report from my neck of the woods.  i’m looking forward to a weekend at home and getting my hands dirty in the garden.  wishing you a weekend full of whatever makes you feel alive and happy!

happy weekend friends!

love, kelly

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a gallery of inspiration

FOL_gallery wall inspiration_012

we recently finished having the last bit of wood floors refinished in our upstairs.  once the dust settled (literally and figuratively) i moved some things around.  today at focusing on life, i’m sharing the behind the scenes process of how i created this gallery wall in my new office.

as you might have guessed…i blame pinterest.

please…i know…don’t say it.

happy tuesday friends!

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scrapbook therapy

mindingmynest_04182016-4 mindingmynest_04182016-5mindingmynest_04182016-3 mindingmynest_04182016

after a very difficult week, friday afternoon i indulged in a little scrapbook therapy.

before i go on, i would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all of your kind words and compassion for my last post.  it truly is a comfort to know that i’m not alone in my heartache.  

so…a few things i would like mention about this…

  1. my love for memory keeping was completely validated when i went back through a couple of old scrapbooks to find these pictures of kelsey and pumpkin.  oh my heart.  there in those pages were my little girl at seven years old and her new kitten.  i was instantly transported and felt totally connected to a very special place and time in our lives.  and these distant memories…they were made so very real and TANGIBLE.  for the love of tangible memories….reason #4,687 why i love scrapbooking.
  2. looking back at these pages, i smiled to myself at this ‘old-fashioned’ style of scrapbooking.  sort of like when i smile when i see myself with big bangs or high-waisted jeans.  but short of the warm fuzzy i get when i think about my friday afternoon scrapping buddies (when i probably made these pages to begin with), the details of this page aren’t really what’s important at all.  so it is a good reminder to myself to not get too caught up finding the perfect core kit or embellishments…knowing that sixteen years from now, i’m not going to give two shits about what kind of chipboard pieces or phrase stickers i used.  scrapbooking is telling the story of my life in words and photos.  the end.  amen.
  3. as part of my intention for my word for this year – CONNECT – i am paying very special attention to where my heart is at in my thoughts and actions.  in this case, my heart was hurting over the loss of a beloved family pet.  so, i let myself be sad.  i didn’t blow it off or gloss over it.  i didn’t compare my hurt to the sorrow and suffering of others.  i didn’t busy up my life to avoid feeling something painful.  i gave myself permission to feel the fullest of the emotion in the moment.  i gave myself the gift of mercy and compassion…just like i would for anyone else.

and then i made something.  i connected to the deepest part of my soul and told the story with words and photos.


it has made all the difference.

thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share my stories and photos with you.

love, kelly

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