i know a thing or two about restoration

have i ever shown you guys pictures of our house when we first bought it?

collage 1

the minute i walked into this house i fell in love with the wide open entry way and staircase.  not to mention the freshly-refinished hardwood floors.


i knew it was THE house. 

even with all of its charm and character though, tripp and knew going in that this house would require some renovating.  we wanted to keep the old-house feel…it was one of the reasons we loved the house….but it had to work in a more modern way. be more functional for the way we live.  and that process started in the kitchen.

collage 2collage 3

it was a total renovation – gutted and started over.  but it works now.  this is where our family practically lives. 


and since that major renovation, we have pretty much redone every room in our house.  either by choice.  or because of mother nature.  as was the case of the 2007 ice storm.


and the winter of 2011.


you can read all about that project here on my blog.  but be warned…some crazy lunatic wrote those posts.

at any rate, suffice it to say, i know a thing or two about old houses.  i know a thing or two about restoration.

2013 01 20_8343web

whether it’s by choice or by circumstance.  whether it’s superficial, like slapping on a new coat of paint or a complete overhaul from inside out.  i know a thing or two about restoration. 


but i chose this house.  from the very beginning, i knew that this house had potential.  and i believe in this house.  even when it’s hard.  because sometimes it is hard…it’s a continual process.

but it is worth the effort. 

that’s why, at the ash wednesday service this year, when our priest suggested that our lenten journey was a process of restoration, it really hit close to home. 

because i know a thing or two about restoration.

i know the how it feels to make relatively minor, superficial changes.  i know what it’s like to be completely gutted and rebuilt. 


as i reflect on my journey this year, what i feel is enormous gratitude for my Heavenly Father.  for His work in my life.  for believing in me.  and especially today, i am humbled and grateful for His son.  my Savior.  proof that i am worth it.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

wishing you a very blessed, restored easter season my friends.

love, kelly

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thank you jesus


peace, kelly

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empty-nesting 2.0

so tuesday morning, like i have done every morning since i discovered this…


….i walked over to the back door and saw my little dove family all snuggled up in their nest on top of tripp’s ladder.  


and then later that day after work, like i have done every day after work for the past month, i walked to back the back door.  but instead of seeing my granddoves, i saw this.


and my heart kinda sank. 

my dad, who happens to be staying with us this week, assured me that those babies were probably fine.  because if they were hurt somewhere, the momma would surely be flying around in defense mode.  and in my mind, i knew that was most likely the case.  but honestly it just stung a little.   it went by so fast and wasn’t prepared for them to be leaving the nest so soon. 

dear kelly…have you even read your own blog??

anyway, i got my act together and went on about my afternoon.  but then i heard that familiar whoo-WHOO-whoo over by the fireplace.  and i was so happy to see those sweet babies hanging out there in the flowerbed.


and for the past couple of days i’ve been watching them around the back yard.


for the most part they hang around by the back porch.


but then every so often, they’ll spread their wings and fly up to the top of the pergola.


i think they like the safety of being up there.


especially when their momma is up there with them.


it has been such a delight having these sweet little birds around.  and i know that soon they’ll probably be flying off for good.


so today just feeling super grateful for devoted parents.  and healthy babies who are getting out there, stretching their wings.  just the way it should be.

love, kelly

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because i bought a dslr camera

looking back, i think it’s all my bff carrie’s fault.  if she hadn’t shown up to the lake that summer of 2010 with her fancy new DSLR camera, i probably wouldn’t have had such a bad case of camera envy. 


my poor canon point and shoot was just barely limping along and i was a scrapbooker after all. and how could i scrapbook without pictures. 

so i got creative and redeemed several year’s worth of citibank thank you points on best buy gifts cards.  and in july 2010, i bought my first dslr camera.

and so because i bought a dslr, i started taking lots of pictures.

June 2010

because i had so many pictures, i decided to start a blog.




because i started a blog, i began to document my ordinary life. 


because i bought a dslr, i learned to see life differently.


because i bought a dslr i discovered that my nest wasn’t really that empty…it just had a little growing room.

because i had room to grow, i signed up for an online photography course.

day 9 - what remains

because i took a photography class i learned to shoot from the heart.

day 11 - warms your heart

because i bought a dslr i learned how to find the light and make magic with my camera.


because i bought a dslr i made so many friends.  my online blogging and photography buddies became a source of inspiration and encouragement.

morning grass

because i bought a dslr, capturing memories became even more fun.



because i bought a dslr, i found my voice.


because i found my voice, i love to sing.


because i bought a dslr, my life is so much fuller than i could have possibly imagined.


because i bought a dslr, i have grown as a person.  and a photographer.  and so therefore i grew into a new dslr.


i can’t wait to see where she and i go next.

love, kelly

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perfectly imperfect

  • the junk pile by the phone keeps growing
  • i have two baskets full of unfolded laundry
  • my cuticles are gross
  • my dog has an ear infection
  • i have weeds in my garden

repeat after me…..


thanks for the reminder annette.

happy tuesday my friends.  love, kelly


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