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the pictures tell the story.

so for the past couple of weeks i’ve been working on making a photo book of our vacation to california. i decided to go with artifactuprising.com instead of doing a traditional scrapbook for a couple of reasons. 1) i really … Continue reading

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when an instagram picture about a scrapbook page about a blog post becomes a blog post

do what? don’t say it….i know what you’re thinking… but here’s the story.  i’m taking this still life photography class with kim klassen.   and today she shared some suggestions for getting photographs off of our computers and into our … Continue reading

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scrapbook therapy

on the last night of our spring break trip to puerto vallarta, tripp made reservations for us at the vista grill.  it was a beautiful little restaurant nestled up in the hillside. and as the name suggests, it had the … Continue reading

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december daily 2013

it’s official friends…the holiday season has begun! raise your hand if you are still in denial that sunday is december 1st. {raising my hand!!} well so for the past two weeks while my daughter had my computer, i wasn’t entirely … Continue reading

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practicing what i preach

well so exactly one week ago , my girl and i were upstairs in the office going through some old pictures for tripp’s birthday.  ok.  so can we please pause for a second while i drool over the hotness of … Continue reading

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